We at PATHOCARE believes that the act of preventive or necessary medical procedures improves a person’s well being with family welfare.
PATHOCARE provides solutions and manages well for early detection ,diagnosis and treatment of many of the leading causes of death.
Our main focus is on scheduled check up resulting in early detection of diseases and help in maintaining the family well being.
Serving the patients is our motto. FAMILY CARE is the synonym for PATHOCARE.


Once given an opportunity to serve , our healthcare professional team will contact you . Our team members will co-ordinate with you about sample collection as per your convenience. After sample collection the investigations will be done with latest techniques, qualified professionals, quality analyzers and strictly under required conditions.

As soon as the results will be confirmed by our specialist doctors, the test reports will be sent to you by mail, sms or courier.


• Easy access AND Time saving

• Genuine & accredited Labs

• Economic AND Hassle Free

• Large network

• 24X7 working

• Sample collection from home

• Special preferences to senior citizens


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